When I lost my Greyhound, Daniel, several years ago, I realised I hardly had any pictures of him, apart from the usual snapshots during walks or on holidays, but nothing good enough to print or put on my wall.

So I got a camera, and started taking pictures of my dogs. Later, I started taking pictures of friends' dogs, then other people's dogs at dog training and other events. Slowly this started to escalate - to the extent that almost everything I do nowadays translates into "will there be any photo opportunities?"

My picture of James and Bullseye at the Portsmouth Victorian Christmas Fair got hundreds of likes on the Bull Terriers Facebook page and James was the first person to suggest I ought to have a website. Then, just over a year later, I was over the moon when Dave Reynolds, at Dog Training Weekly, featured my picture of Bodkin on the front cover in January, and then again in August, anther front cover, a picture from the Andover Dog Training Society show.


I believe passionately in dog rescue and giving dogs a second chance, and wanted to help raise much needed that is why all proceeds go to Oldies Club..

If you like what you see, why not call/ email/ message and arrange a mini photo shoot. I can do outdoor portrait or action shots or I can capture you and your dog in training -heelwork, retrieves, sendaways, jumps make lovely pictures- or doing Dog Sports at an event. For details click here