Includes one 5 x 7 glossy or lustre print and an emailed version of same picture, with discrete watermark, for use in social media. Please note emailed version is low resolution and will not be suitable for printing.

Once you have paid for the session (via the Gallery & Shop page), I will contact you so we can discuss what type of photos you would like and you can tell me a bit about your dog. Also we will discuss whether you would like me to take pictures with any props and we will agree on when and where to do the photo session; if your dog is a young puppy or a senior, we can arrange to do the photo shoot at your home, so he/she will be more comfortable, otherwise it will be at the local park/ usual walking place.

Depending on picture requirements and how long your dog will focus for, I will take pictures for 1/2 hour to 3/4 hour.

I will then contact you (usually 72 hours after the session) to let you know that the images have been uploaded onto my website and you will be able to choose the image included in the price plus any additional images you may like to buy. You can expect to have at least five good images to choose from.

I cover the Amesbury, Andover, Basingstoke, Newbury and Winchester areas, but can travel further afield for special events.

Photoshoot details as above and I will post the voucher certificate to the recipient (or to the buyer if preferred). Vouchers are valid until 18th February 2017.

Organisers can invite me to attend Dog Sports events, which I will do Free of Charge, subject to distance and availability. I would be grateful if my details could be included in the show/ trial/ event programme, so participants can visit my website to purchase images of the event.

Above prices and terms apply until 30th September 2017 and every single penny goes to Oldies Club.